A book report on the forbidden city by william bell

Reviewed by Hilary Williamson Seventeen-year-old Alex Jackson has had a passion for war movies and strategy games ever since his Mom moved out. His Dad, one of the top news cameramen in Canada, is a risk-taker with a childlike personality. When asked to go on assignment in Canada, he brings Alex along. In Beijing, Alex takes Chinese lessons and bikes all over the city recording with a hidden camcorder.

A book report on the forbidden city by william bell

A book report on the forbidden city by william bell

His father, Charles Robert Shermana successful lawyer who sat on the Ohio Supreme Courtdied unexpectedly in He left his widow, Mary Hoyt Sherman, with eleven children and no inheritance. After his father's death, the nine-year-old Sherman was raised by a Lancaster neighbor and family friend, attorney Thomas Ewing, Sr.

Sherman was distantly related to American founding father Roger Sherman and grew to admire him. One of his younger brothers, John Shermanserved as a U. Another younger brother, Hoyt Shermanwas a successful banker. Two of his foster brothers served as major generals in the Union Army during the Civil War: Sherman would marry his foster sister, Ellen Boyle Ewingat age 30 and have eight children with her.

According to these accounts, Sherman only acquired the name "William" at age nine or ten, after being taken into the Ewing household. Sherman was raised in a Roman Catholic household, although he later left the church, citing the effect of the Civil War on his religious views.

According to a story that may be myth, Sherman was baptized in the Ewing home by a Dominican priest, who named him William for the saint's day: Sherman wrote in his Memoirs that his father named him William Tecumseh; Sherman was baptized by a Presbyterian minister as an infant and given the name William at that time.

While there Sherman excelled academically, but he treated the demerit system with indifference. Fellow cadet William Rosecrans would later remember Sherman at West Point as "one of the brightest and most popular fellows" and "a bright-eyed, red-headed fellow, who was always prepared for a lark of any kind.

At the Academy I was not considered a good soldier, for at no time was I selected for any office, but remained a private throughout the whole four years.

Then, as now, neatness in dress and form, with a strict conformity to the rules, were the qualifications required for office, and I suppose I was found not to excel in any of these. In studies I always held a respectable reputation with the professors, and generally ranked among the best, especially in drawing, chemistry, mathematics, and natural philosophy.

My average demerits, per annum, were about one hundred and fifty, which reduced my final class standing from number four to six.

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He was later stationed in Georgia and South Carolina. As the foster son of a prominent Whig politician, in Charlestonthe popular Lt. Sherman moved within the upper circles of Old South society.

Due to the confined spaces aboard-ship, Sherman grew close to Halleck and Ord, and in his Memoirs references a hike with Halleck to the summit of Corcovado overlooking Rio de Janeiro in Brazilnotable as the future spot of the Cristo Redentor statue.

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Sherman and Ord reached the town of Yerba Buena, in California, two days before its name was changed to San Francisco. InSherman accompanied the military governor of California, Col.

Richard Barnes Masonin the inspection that officially confirmed that gold had been discovered in the region, thus inaugurating the California Gold Rush. Sherman earned a brevet promotion to captain for his "meritorious service", but his lack of a combat assignment discouraged him and may have contributed to his decision to resign his commission.

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He would eventually become one of the few high-ranking officers during the Civil War who had not fought in Mexico. Healy InSherman was promoted to the substantive rank of Captain and married his foster sister, Ellen Boyle Ewingfour years younger, in a Washington ceremony attended by President Zachary Taylor and other political luminaries.

Thomas Ewing was serving as the Secretary of the Interior at the time. Grant and commemorated by a generous gift from the Khedive of Egypt.

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Eventually, one of Minnie's daughters married a grandson of Confederate general Lewis Addison Armistead. To Sherman's great displeasure and sorrow, his oldest surviving son, Thomas Ewing Shermanjoined the religious order of the Jesuits in and was ordained as a priest in He returned to San Francisco at a time of great turmoil in the West.

He survived two shipwrecks and floated through the Golden Gate on the overturned hull of a foundering lumber schooner. When the bank failed during the financial Panic ofhe closed the New York branch.


In earlyhe returned to California to wrap up the bank's affairs there. Later inhe moved to LeavenworthKansas, where he tried his hand at law practice and other ventures without much success.

Buell and secured because of General George Mason Graham. Taylorthe brother of the late President Zachary Taylordeclared that "if you had hunted the whole army, from one end of it to the other, you could not have found a man in it more admirably suited for the position in every respect than Sherman.

He opposed, however, any attempt at dissolving the Union. Boyd of Virginiaan enthusiastic secessionist: You people of the South don't know what you are doing. This country will be drenched in blood, and God only knows how it will end.

It is all folly, madness, a crime against civilization! You people speak so lightly of war; you don't know what you're talking about.This is an admirable little book, dealing with an iconic building in China, if not a series of buildings, the Forbidden City. The product of the Ming and Qing rulerz and a symbol of China and its recent history (no one building could probably symbolize all of it, given the age of the culture and its continuity).Reviews: Join us for Picnic Pairings in July!

Fried chicken and potato salad with 2 wines! The Barrel Room, our elegant restaurant and tasting room at City Winery, provides a relaxing and candlelit ambiance where diners can enjoy wine on tap made just next door. By: Jessica, Ferdinand, Aldrin, & Edwin Forbidden City Forbidden City Written by William Bell Summary Setting Characters About the Author Facts about the Event China is oldest continuous civilization in the word.

This book was mainly based on Modern China. The Forbidden City in Located in the City. William Bell's young adult novels have been translated into nine languages and have won a number of awards, among them the Manitoba Readers' Choice Award, the Mr.

Christie's Award, the Ruth Schwartz Award, and the Canadian Librarians' Association. Forbidden City is a novel based on the events of the Tiananmen Square massacre in It is a story of maturation/coming of age. It is a . Signs, symbols, emblems, flags or insignia of groups under which they organize themselves successfully and who insist on bringing their own world-systems into the existing order(s) on a local and/or global scale, often under the threat of severe sanctions from the state or government.

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