Explanation of theme

He had had the disease since he was very young, and his foot had been amputated shortly before he wrote the poem. I will take you through the poem, and explain it stanzas by stanza to give you a clear idea of what the poem is trying to tell you. The poem itself is very simple in form and devices, and as such comes as a relief in a time where flowery and ambiguous writing ran wild. To start off a little bit about the Background of the Poem.

Explanation of theme

She as well as her loved ones surrounding her are ready "For that last Onset-" 8 moment of her death. Although at first it seems like she is going to experience a very abrupt ending, Dickinson explains how the speaker payed attention to minuscule details during such a tragic time.

None of us have a definite explanation of what we experience when we die but Dickinson approaches the subject through such a broad angle that it lets the reader think of the idea in different ways.

During the speaker's time of death the fly grabbed her attention "With Blue - uncertain stumbling Buzz -" 13 and slowly cut off the light coming in from the windows and she slowly "could not see to see -" This gives the reader the idea of a somewhat peaceful goodbye, noticing that the small details slowly fade away rather than all at once.

The feeling I got from this poem is that Dickinson wanted to explain the strangeness that is going to come along with death, but she did it in a peaceful way that was sort of reassuring.

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The last line of the poem "I could not see to see -" 16 gave me the idea that the speaker did not just die, she still had thoughts by the way she was saying she simply could not see. It gave me the feeling that everything in her was not lost, it still could live on just in a different form. This relates back to Emily's popular theme of immortality and life after death.

Works Cited Dickinson, Emily.ABC’s LOST explained! Still wondering what the television show LOST was all about?

Explanation of theme

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Shakespeare's Presentation of Colonialism in ‘The Tempest' - Theme Analysis. Updated on February 2, Tricia Mason.

more. I find it interesting to study the presentation of this theme and to discover clues to sources, which criticised Europe‘s treatment of native peoples.

The theme of a book is a common topic for book reports. Learn how to understand and interpret a the theme of a book with this guide.

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Theme: The main idea that connects all elements of the narrative. The Definition and Example of Theme and How Is it Different From Plot.

Explanation of theme

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theme (thēm) n. 1. A topic of discourse or discussion. See Synonyms at subject. 2. A subject of artistic representation. 3. An implicit or recurrent idea; a motif: a party with a tropical island theme.

4. A short composition assigned to a student as a writing exercise. 5. Music A recurring melodic element in a composition, especially a melody forming. a subject of discourse, discussion, meditation, or composition; topic: The need for world peace was the theme of the meeting.

a unifying or dominant idea, motif, etc., as in a work of art. a short, informal essay, especially a school composition.

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