How to french braid hair

Check out this tutorial on how to French braid your own hair. I taught myself when I was in 3rd grade and never looked back. I think we can thank Kylie Jenner for that one. Our good friend Laura, who is also the manager at ModernWell is really the one who inspires Linley and me to get creative with the braids in our hair again.

How to french braid hair

Braid Designs It might come as a surprise to learn that French braids are actually rather multifaceted. Whether you're headed out for an early morning jog or dressing up for a New Year's Eve bash, you can count on a French braid to see you through in total style.

And before you question why it would be important to look stylish while working out, remember just how annoying it can be to constantly readjust a fussy ponytail that keeps flopping out of its holder; a French braid gives you style and control.

Similarly, you probably don't want to spend half your time in the ladies room fiddling with your hair while your friends dance the night away.

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A dressy French braid is a smart alternative to the traditional updo or classic mane of cascading curls. It combines the best of both worlds - and keeps you situated right where you want to be all night long. A Few Tips Before you get started learning how to French braid, take a moment to review these basic tips.

They'll make the braiding process easier and the end result more satisfying: Be sure to read through the directions from start to finish before you start to braid.

It's easier to French braid your hair when you're not on your feet. Practice makes perfect - be patient. Suffering from the dreaded achy arms?

You're not alone - this is all too common, especially for beginners. Take a breather by clipping your braid tightly to your head a claw works well and shaking your limbs loose.

Your braid should be pulled taught against your head. A looser braid will likely come undone. Teach Yourself How to French Braid As with so many things in life, going into your first French braiding session with confidence will serve you well.

Here are a few different styles of French braids and how to achieve them. Don't worry if it's not pristine from the word go - a little practice will have you looking model-perfect in no time. The Classic Timeless and elegant, the classic French braid will forever remain a hairstyle staple.

Pull it out of your bag of beauty tricks when you want something smart and feminine at once.

How to french braid hair

It's ideal for everything from workouts to dinner with your girlfriends. Starting at the crown of the head, divide the hair into three small sections. Comb each section until it lies smooth and pull the hair in the right section over the middle section now the right section is the middle section.

Pull the left section over the middle section now the left section is the middle section. Gently pull the hair away to tighten the braid.

Then lift a small section of hair on the right side of the braid and add this new section to the existing right section on the braid you've just created.French and Dutch braids can look stunning with the braid ending at the hairline and remaining hair caught in a ponytail, with the remainder of the hair being braided, or .

A French braid in hair that hasn’t been washed that day and already has hair product in it also works well.

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Be sure to comb out all the tangles before beginning the braid. Next, take a 3-inch-long long by 1-inch-wide section of hair just above the forehead right behind the person’s bangs.

Braided pigtails are both pretty and playful which makes them the perfect addition to any cute spring beauty look. The question is, would you be more likely to wear messy fishtail braids or French braided pigtails?

Fishtail braids. Disheveled fishtail braids create a laid back bohemian look that works really well with pigtails. The messy texture creates a relaxed, summery vibe that can be. Let it poof out naturally into a fun, textured attheheels.comries: Culture, Diets, Food, Gift Ideas, Haircuts, Manicure and more.

French braids

Learning how to french braid African American hair easily for a little girl could save you hundreds of dollars.

Not to mention the amount of time you can save in general outings like church, school or grocery store visits.

A really good french braided style can last for a . 4. On the other side grab a small section of hair to begin your braid.

How to french braid hair

Divide the section into 3 equal sub sections and begin a inverted French braid - also known as a Dutch braid - by crossing the two outside strands under the middle strand.

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