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J dilla essay

They have all too real consequences in the real world. That list may not be complete.

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None of these devices has been detonated or caused any injuries, at least so far. That is merciful -- but the intended effect may well have been to spread panic and confusion among Trump's opponents, rather than to maim or kill anyone.

That has been accomplished. Donald Trump is unapologetic and enthusiastic in his embrace of hateful and divisive language. It is ludicrous for him to now pretend he bears no responsibility for these apparent attacks -- although of course he will do exactly that.

Each week of his presidency brings a new low. Trump soils the presidency as he calls his alleged former mistress Stormy Daniels "horseface," mocks women who have survived rape and other forms of sexual assault as "screamers," habitually lies about matters both small and large, undermines the rule of law, shows contempt for democracy, treats the White House as his own personal ATM and wallows in racism, prejudice and bigotry.

Trump continues to threaten members of the press with violence. At a rally in Montana last week Trump channeled his professional wrestling heel persona as he praised Rep.

Trump's audience howled with glee. It does not end there. One of the most underreported stories of Trump's presidency concerns his use of direct marketing emails to raise funds by terrorizing his most enthusiastic supporters.

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These emails are unprecedented for what they reveal about a sitting president and the threat he poses to the American people. Trump's email appeals have been remarkably lucrative.

This is at least metaphorical or potential blood money; Trump is filling his campaign coffers on threats of political violence. In these campaign emails Donald Trump accuses Democrats of wanting to allow, gangs, "criminals" and "illegal immigrants" into the country who will then rape, rob, murder and otherwise prey upon white Americans.

Trump and the Republican Party's relentless push to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court sparked new innovations in fear-mongering and intimidation. According to Trump and his supporters, Democrats are now "arsonists. An October email from the Republican National Committee, signed by Trump, delivers this message: Republicans who courageously stood up for Judge Kavanaugh in the face of the liberal mob now need security to protect themselves from death threats.

This has become an urgent matter.

J dilla essay

Handing the Democrats the keys to our government in 26 days would be no different from handing matches to an arsonist. They would have full power to launch any investigation they want against anyone they want, and without any corroborating evidence.

The menace in Trump's emails is clear -- the "anyone" is by implication Trump's voters. Friend, Let me be clear. Since Day One, this witch hunt has never been about me. Their target is you.

J dilla essay

The only thing that keeps our movement alive is our members. Trump's emails to his supporters consistently feature themes of "fighting back," in which his public and other "real Americans" largely meaning white conservatives and evangelical Christians are persecuted victims under threat by Democrats or whatever other group that Trump and his allies deem to be the enemy.

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Trump's constant rhetorical violence violence is an extension of his authoritarianism and the diseased country which elected him president. He frightens his supporters by referencing some kind of enemy, usually an ethnic or racial minority.Huldufólk (Icelandic and Faroese hidden people from huldu-"pertaining to secrecy" and fólk "people", "folk") are elves in Icelandic and Faroese folklore.

Building projects in Iceland are sometimes altered to prevent damaging the rocks where they are believed to live. According to these Icelandic folk beliefs, one should never throw stones because of the possibility of hitting the huldufólk.

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