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Rencontre ephemere signification


Availability of the various feeds, variations in feed and product prices as well as in types of management from time to time and from place to place may play an important role. However, shortening the time required for producing a certain weight at slaughter will represent an economic advantage, especially under feedlot conditions, since non-feed costs also contribute significantly to the total cost of production 10 to 18 cents per head per day in the USA.

Over time, selection as well as improvements in management systems, feed composition and feeding programmes have contributed much to increasing productivity in meat as well as milk. Although it is difficult to evaluate the exact relative contributions of these factors, the overall improvements have been dramatic.

An example is the increase in milk yield per head in US dairy cattle. These gains represented a saving of about 23 billion kg of total digestible nitrogen per year, the volume of milk produced remaining relatively constant.

The saving is equivalent to about 1. Data illustrating progress in beef production over the years are scarce, but increases in productivity similar to those for milk production are unlikely. In addition to the use of hormones, many avenues are still open for increasing productivity in meat and milk production seeincluding breeding programmes, regulation of rumen fermentation, optimalization of the balance between the indirect and direct feeding of the ruminant organism proper, and disease control.

In many countries, development along these lines has hardly begun. However, the establishment of effective breeding associations and the strict organization of programme planning and execution are prerequisites for realizing the potentials in this sector. The recent introduction of substances such as monensin offers great promise in altering the fermentation pattern to the benefit of productivity by increasing FCE.

Since the very extensive breakdown of carbohydrates and protein represents loss of much energy, research is currently being conducted in many laboratories in order to find new methods of increasing FCE.

This is indirect feeding, expensive in energy. On the other hand, the ruminant possesses, in the postruminal part of its digestive tract, all the enzymes necessary for utilizing all types of nutrients except cellulose. The rumen microbes are necessary for the utilization of cellulose, which globally represents an enormous source of energy.

However, it is possible to sustain an adequate microbial population in the rumen even when ruminal breakdown of part of the easily digestible nutrients is prevented.

Enabling nutrients to bypass the rumen will increase the utilization of feed for production, and also create a more adequate supply of amino acids. Increased rumen bypass of nutrients can currently be brought about by several means, including formaldehyde and heat treatment of protein-rich feeds.

A third method, aiming more at specific substances that may be rate-limiting for production e. In the future, new methods of increasing rumen bypass will undoubtedly contribute significantly to increased productivity of ruminants.

Rencontre ephemere signification

In many areas of the world, infectious and parasitic diseases inflict heavy losses on animal production. A recent study has disclosed nearly a one-to-one relationship between investment in agricultural research and annual productivity of edible protein in ruminants.

Investment in disease control is an important aspect of this work. Annual world mortality losses from disease exceed 50 million cattle and buffalo, and million sheep and goats. Non-lethal diseases are believed to lead to an equivalent reduction in production Thus, investment in disease control holds great promise for future augmentation of animal protein production.

Rencontre ephemere signification

In these perspectives, the significance of hormones in animal production may seem marginal, leading to the question of what priority to give to the various efforts to increase productivity and production.

In the global context it is, however, at least at present, impossible to adopt one approach to the exclusion of others. As long as preparations exist that combine positive effects on yield and feed utilization with low or non-existing risk to the consumer, there will be a market for them.Any discussion of possible health hazards connected with the use of hormones in animal production must take into account the normal occurrence of hormones and their metabolites in body fluids and tissues, and the fact that the levels of these hormones vary greatly, according to .

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Hormones in animal production

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