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SOP Writing an effective Statement of Purpose The statement of purpose is a critical component of your graduate school application used to evaluate your potential to succeed in graduate school. Generally, it should include the following three components. Describe your interests and motivations Be brief! This section gives you an opportunity to articulate the reasons why this program fits your interests and goals.

Tamu sop

The following guidelines and procedures apply for this purpose: Eligibility Completion of credits of course work, CPI of at least 7.

How much is the work experience valued in the admission process generally?

The DUGC shall examine the student's proposal to determine whether the proposed programme is of a nature that the student will benefit from the exposure. Any application for waiver of credits at IIT Kanpur or transfer of credits from the other institution shall be decided in accordance with the procedure given below.

Under no conditions, the grades earned at any other institution shall appear on the Grade Report. Those students who are selected by the Institute, using prescribed rules and procedures, to proceed on any Institutional Exchange Programme will also be governed by this clause for the transfer of academic credits, waiver, etc.

The semester s spent Tamu sop a non-degree student will be counted for the purpose of evaluating academic performance Clause 7 of the UG manual. Rules and procedures to be followed for availing this provision are as follows: Only those postgraduate students who have spent at least two semesters and have a CPI of at least 8.

The DPGC will consider the student's application and will determine if the proposed programme of work is of such a nature that waiver for at least 7 units per regular semester or 4 units per summer term is possible.


Permission to proceed to an institution as a non-degree student does not imply that the student will automatically get any waiver from the academic requirements of IIT Kanpur. Against each requirement for which a waiver is granted, a W would appear on the transcript with an explanatory note that W stands for waiver for work done at the Institution concerned.

The minimum residence requirement for the students who avail of this provision will remain unchanged for PhD students but may be reduced by one semester for M. Those students who are selected by the Institute using a Senate-prescribed procedure to proceed on any institutional exchange programme, except for the students going under the DAAD fellowship programme, will also have to go through the procedure and rules for the transfer of credits as outlined in paras viviiviii and ix above.

Permission for a duration upto 30 days be sanctioned by the department with an intimation to SPGC and more than 30 days by the Chairperson- SPGC on the recommendation of the Department.Hi 1.

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Shall I pursue MS right after college or wait and get some work experience first?

Universities for Scores > Massachusetts Institute of Technology attheheels.com Stanford University attheheels.comrd. The School of Computer and Communication Sciences provides internship opportunities in the Summer period for students enrolled in BSc, BTech, MSc, MTech, or equivalent programmes in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, or Electrical Engineering.

Below are links to the free, downloadable Word Doc and PDF versions of the latest edition () of the Guidelines for the Use of Fishes in Research..

Tamu sop

Both the Word and PDF versions contain useful internal and external hyperlinks. Students with assistantships are eligible for University health insurance coverage and a portion of their monthly premium is paid by the employer; information on premiums and coverage is available at the Office of Graduate Studies and from the Texas A&M University System.

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