The tale of two schools

Print 0 shares It was the best of times and it was the worst of times — well, not really.

The tale of two schools

You will be able to: Understand systemic challenges that impact historically underserved schools and school systems Reflect on the impact of race, race at the intersection of class, and systemic injustices on the lives of mentees and students with the same demographics as your mentee.

What systemic injustices did this film highlight for you? Race and Education on Long Island highlights power and privilege in public education. In particular, it looks at challenges that impact most of the schools that our mentees attend. As you view A Tale of Two Schools: Click the link to watch A Tale of Two Schools: Race and Education on Long Island.

After watching you will reflect on the following: You will also have the opportunity to join a mentor community discussion to collaboratively process and discuss your reactions with colleagues.

In what ways do you relate to their stories and why? In what ways do you not relate to their stories and why? How does their experience mirror or not mirror the experience of yourself?

The tale of two schools

What is this making you want to do, if anything? What questions do you have after watching the video?Video: A Tale of Two Charter Schools. Two charter schools, one led by teachers in St. Paul, Minn., and the other part of a large network in Los Angeles, show how much the charter movement has.

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About the Archive. This . Girls’ basketball notebook: At CMIT-North and South, it’s a tale of two programs (Courtesy photo/Abdi Mohamed) By Washington Post Staff.

January In this week’s Two CMIT schools. A Tale of Two Schools At Garfield High School, the Education You Get Depends on Your Color But by , two years after the Supreme Court decided to integrate schools with its Brown v.

A Tale of Two School Systems And its schools get $7, to $9, more per student each year than charters, mostly for buildings and pensions. On the other hand, all charter families make an.

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